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We are all so thrilled with how this issue turned out, and your beautiful photos and wonderful article certainly had a lot to do with that!  - Ashlan Bonnel, Managing Editor, American Forests Magazine

During Ian's tenure with us, he produced an excellent 'Case for Support' publication, and a vision and process for communicating our science through our website, an electronic newsletter, and quarterly magazine. He brought to us a new emphasis on branding and high standards of visual quality in all of our collateral materials. He left his mark on our institution with a wealth of interesting, sophisticated and well-respected work. - Dr. Eric A. Davidson, President of the Woods Hole Research Center

We are very grateful for the work Ian did on behalf of our communications effort. Even in the short time, he spent on it, WHRC's communication capacity was vastly improved. Ian's high standards have been maintained, and they will be a lasting contribution to the organization.Wilhelm Merck, Chairman of the Board, Woods Hole Research Center

Ian has been a pleasure to work with and always delivers high-caliber results. He has excellent research skills and a natural talent for storytelling, whatever the medium. In working with him, I've learned that his knack for science communications is deeply rooted in both passion and profession. Because of his marketing savvy, Ian's contributions to SciStarter drive a considerable amount of traffic toward our site. - Lily Bui, Executive Editor at Scistarter

Ian demonstrated his investment and commitment to a project by filming our Snowy Plover protection program over a period of two years, to produce an online documentary. He also produced a wetland bird environmental education guide. Ian researches a topic with passion and creativity, gathers all the information, finds a storyline, and then executes to completion, with a standard of excellence. Most of his work has shown an affinity for human ecology. Dr. Cristina Sandoval, Director of University of California's Coal Oil Point Reserve

Thanks for working so wonderfully with me, to produce images for my book. - Georgia Scott, Photo Editor, New York Times

Ian, thanks for your great effort on this assignment.- Liz Reap, Photo Editor, Backpacker Magazine

Ian, your cycling material is beautiful. - Hilary Bradt, Bradt Publications

Yours are the most excellent photos ever taken of our vineyards. - Robert Palmer, Palmer Vineyards

Your Blacksmith multimedia show is truly beautiful. - Theresa Armas, Supervising Ranger, La Purisima Mission State Historic Park

Abbreviated Client List:  

Adventure Cycling Magazine, Active Living, Adventure Zone, Afrimog Safaris, Amakhala Reserve, Backcountry Pictures, Backpacker Magazine, Country Life SA, Discover Magazine, Getaway Magazine SA, Hawaiian Resource Co, Human Kinetics Publishers, Land Trust of Santa Barbara, McGraw Hill Publishers, Major League Baseball, Moon Travel Guides, National Geographic Voices, North American Handicapped Riding, Out There Magazine SA, Paddler UK, Perseus Books, Public Library of Science, Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association, Santa Barbara Zoo, Sea Kayaker Magazine, Woods Hole Research Center.

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