Initially intrigued by the science of communication, I would try to adhere to best-practice while implementing research findings when writing or producing — for example about climate change.  This interest grew to encompass the field of journalism until a few years ago I was invited to join projects, and most recently had the opportunity to conduct some of my own research. All of it is currently ongoing.

•  Served as principal investigator (PI) on a study conducted summer 2017 entitled “The Benefit  of Multimedia Over Traditional Media for Science Communication.” This research examines what benefits or challenges exist for transmedia storytelling compared to a standard (traditional) text piece.

•  Serve as PI for an Advanced Science Communications Seminar for young graduate scientists. We are researching the benefits of the seminar for educating young scientists to communicate their findings.

•  Served as co-PI (communications element) for “Can carryover effects improve oyster aquaculture production?”

•  Served as co-author with Professor Katherine Rowan on the book, Handbook of Strategic Communication. Edited by Professor Carl Botan, George Mason University. I contributed a chapter on the strategic use of visuals for the communication of climate change. (Wiley, 2020)

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