Below are a few examples of multimedia productions created for news outlets and non-profits. The list includes I Am a Falconer, an early audio-slideshow (with a longer Podcast)which was part of a series that profiled ordinary people pursuing extraordinary passions, and a signature video for the Woods Hole Research Center entitled, Pathways of Hope for Future Generations. wrote the script and directed the narrative. The Thin Red Line is a short version of a 30-minute doc I filmed and edited to celebrate the tenth anniversary of a western snowy plover volunteer protection effort in Santa Barbara.

A Basket of Science

The Playground

Stewards of the Streams

I Am a Falconer

This is the full 10-minute podcast version of my interview with Craig Golden for the I Am a Falconer production. 

A Wetland Walk

A Pathway of Hope

The Big Easy

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